Biomechatronics Lab featured in Ancient Aliens episode on “The Artificial Human”

The Biomechatronics Lab is featured in Season 13, Episode 13 of “Ancient Aliens,” which is the History Channel’s longest running nonfiction series. The episode entitled, “The Artificial Human,” also features Dr. Dennis Hong’s RoMeLa Team. We thank Frankie Glass and Lara Shaghoian of Prometheus Studios, host Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and the rest of the Ancient Aliens production crew for a great experience.

Our lab’s segment features research conducted with robot hand and arm technology from Barrett Technology, multimodal tactile sensor technology from SynTouch, and our custom BairClaw robot hand testbed.

  • Part 1 weblink, featuring both Dr. Hong and Dr. Santos’ UCLA research labs.
  • Part 2 weblink