Multimodal tactile sensor skin featured online

Collaborative research conducted with Dr. Jianzhu Yin and Dr. Jonathan D. Posner (Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington) has been featured in a number of online articles. The multimodal tactile sensor skin can be used to measure normal force, shear force, and vibration at frequencies that surpass human capabilities.  This work was supported by the National Science Foundation.



  • University of Washington article by Jennifer Langston titled, “Flexible ‘skin’ can help robots, prosthetics perform everyday tasks by sensing shear force” (10/17/17)
  • article by Alan Boyle titled, “Can a robot feel? Researchers create artificial skin with a better sense of touch” (10/17/17)
  • TechCrunch article by Devin Coldewey titled, “Robots will touch more tenderly when they wear this sensitive skin” (10/17/17)
  • Engadget article by Mariella Moon titled, “Stretchable ‘skin’ gives robots the sense of touch” (10/18/17)
  • Huffington Post UK article by Sophie Gallagher titled, “This Flexible Skin Can Actually Give Robots A Real Sense Of ‘Touch’” (10/18/17)
  • Newsweek article by Anthony Cuthbertson titled, “Artificial Skin Gives Robots Sense of Touch ‘Similar to Humans'” (10/19/17)
  • Daily Mail article by Tim Collins titled, “Stretchable artificial skin that ‘feels’ its surroundings could soon give robots a human-like sense of touch” (10/19/17)
  • Techspot article by Rob Thubron titled, “Stretchable artificial skin gives robots a human-like sense of touch” (10/19/17)
  • Indian Express article by PTI titled, “Robots can now use flexible skin sensor to perform everyday tasks” (10/19/17)
  • article by Alfred Bayle titled, “Stretchy artificial skin could give robots human-like sense of touch” (10/19/17)
  • medGadget article by Conn Hastings titled, “Flexible Skin for Prosthetics Can Sense Shear Force” (10/23/17)
  • DesignNews article by Elizabeth Montalbano titled, “Flexible Sensor “Skin” Gives Robots a Sense of Touch” (10/24/17)
  • All About Circuits article by Tim Youngblood titled, “Can This Skin Sensor Give Robotics and Prosthetics a Delicate Touch?” (10/28/17)
  • Forbes article by Jennifer Kite-Powell titled, “This New Stretchy Robotic Skin Senses When An Object Is Slipping Out Of Its Grasp” (10/30/17)

Photo credit:  UCLA Engineering